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Thierry Verbeeck / Thierry Verbeeck / Thierry Verbeeck

2013 — 2016

In mass culture based on interaction, everything is a pretext for debate. Anyone has the opportunity to comment publicly on content, anonymously or not.
Digital networks are encroaching more and more on everyday life.
The visitor is instantly projected into "RGB Rules", establishing a dialogue. He will be able to "walk in
the work, "changing the composition of it to every second. 
As in the digital worlds, his image will be subject to the approval / disapproval of individuals represented
by their hands.
The hands are gloved, evoking the anonymity and distance (paradoxical) related to new media.
Some hands, which at first sight are animated with clear intentions, may take on a different meaning when
that one circulates in the work. Indeed, clapping hands end up encircling, touching the viewer, so
that the hands that "like" or "do not like" turn into threatening fists, opening the debate about
new limits of privacy introduced by the digital.

“RGB RULES” @ centre de la gravure et de l’image imprimée (BE)
Site specific installation 2013   —  2014
Digital printing on stickers pasted on the mirror sticker  — 300 CM X 300 CM

︎some people uses “RGB Rules for makeup himself  
︎ Invitation for the exhibition 


”Interface”  from “RGB RULES” series
Site specific installation @ the entrance  of the city hall of Woluwe Saint Pierre(BE)
Digital printing on stickers pasted on the mirror sticker —500 CM X 400 CM
2017 — 2019

Spectators enter the building through this « interface ». Anonymous hands will greet them as they push the door open. Other blinded windows evoke « spams » that can appear on any navigation window.


“RGB RULES” on Plexiglas