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︎ “VR1”  

︎ “VR1”Back of the pannels

Specific site installation — Stickers on 4 wood pannels
(250 X 100 cm each  — 2019

When the artist « blurs » the landscape (digital print on vinyl sticker on four wooden panels) the relationship between real and virtual is reversed : which side of the screen are we ?

The network through which the image is transmitted is also highlighted by this work.
the obsession of truth and falsehood, precision against blur

Specific site installation on “Place de la république” Strasbourg (FR) 
stickers on wood pannels —  250 X 100 cm each — 2019

The perform of “VR2”
June 2018

Started with the “Shadok” in Strasbourg, the projet will by refused by the city for security reason .
With two accomplices, we performed during several minutes at the exact place where the artwork needed to exhibit.

︎ During the preform @place de la République / Strasbourg (FR)
June 2018 (thanks to Marine et Michel)